Got Financial Stress?

Are you stressed about money or personal finances? Are you worried about having a secure retirement? Are you worried about your kids’ ability to handle money or future assets? If so, you’re not alone. According to a 2014 study conducted by About Health, “7 in 10 respondents” were very worried and stressed about money, specifically the ability to pay bills and other financial obligations. Financial stress wreaks havoc on our health, relationships, and even work responsibilities. A 2011 Financial Finesse Report “estimated that 60% of illness is directly or indirectly caused by financial stress.” Lack of sleep, unhealthy behaviors (smoking, gambling, doing drugs, and excessive drinking), and poor coping skills can, and oftentimes are, the direct result of financial stress. 
Perhaps your financial stress is completely different. You are well capitalized and your financial future looks secure. However, you worry about your kids catching (or having) “affluenza.” You’ve asked yourself numerous times, “Will my children display the same work ethic and resolve to become self-sufficient as me? Will they squander the estate that I leave behind for them to manage?” Affluenza is a growing epidemic where affluent children display the “financial entitlement bug.” These young people are not bad kids, although there have been well-document cases in the media regarding some of these kids and their out-of-control behaviors. Most kids with affluenza simply have a misguided vantage point on the comforts of money and what their contributions will (or should) be to society. Of course, the family’s legacy is on the line when affluent children fail to recognize how they will maintain or enhance their family’s brand. 
FunderMax Fitness offers a myriad of financial wellness workshops, seminars, and classes for single adults, married couples, families, entrepreneurs, employees, and retirees (or soon-to-be) to help them manage and/or overcome financial stress. Whether you have financial stress or not, we can educate, empower, and provide a playbook for you to take control of (or improve) your personal or family economy. 


Financial Programs for Adults

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Stop the Presses!

Weekly to bi-monthly articles and newsletters will inspire client members in physical and financial...

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Fabulously Fit Females with Mr. and Mrs. Fundy

(coming late summer or early fall) Whether you are single, engaged, or married, the...

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Mr. Fundy’s Financial Playbook for Parents

Just as a team’s success is predicated on creating and implementing a comprehensive game...

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Mr. Fundy’s Financial Playbook for Entrepreneurs

(coming late summer or early fall) Do you currently own and operate your business?...

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One-on-One Financial Coaching

During these coaching sessions with Mr. Fundy, you (and your spouse) will receive instruction...

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Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook

The Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook™ will equip adults with the tools and knowledge to...

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Financial Programs for Youth

Financial Life Skills 202

(Summer Only)   This camp expands upon the topics...

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Mr. Fundy’s Investment Club for Tweens and Teens

(coming late summer or early fall) There is more...

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Financial Life Skills 101

(Summer Only) Get a financial head start through interactive...

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