Our Story

Founded by former OSU basketball star and NBA player, Lawrence Funderburke and his wife Monya, FunderMax Fitness provides youth and adults from different life experiences with a holistic approach to healthy living and financial empowerment. We offer an array of classes and programs to fit the stay-at-home mom, on-the-go dad, soon-to-be entrepreneur, up-and-coming professional, and even the too-cool-for-you teenager. Our approach encompasses much more than motivational workouts and financially beneficial information. It’s about equipping people to incorporate a daily lifestyle dedicated to maximizing their full potential, of which physical and financial fitness are mere reflections of that driving goal. 
Personal health and financial wealth are two moving, interconnected gears that create, if performing optimally, a dynamic friction and powerful force in the life of an individual, community, and nation. Let’s start with physical fitness. Monya, a certified fitness instructor with an easy-going demeanor and results-oriented approach, offers upbeat classes and lifestyle coaching to help clients from various fitness levels look and feel their very best, starting from the inside out. The studio provides an intimate, non-judgmental venue in which clients needn’t be overly concerned about their appearance or worry about who is in the gym checking them out (listen up, ladies and gentlemen!); what truly matters is the health journey that lies ahead and remaining on it. Lawrence will assist his wife by offering unique workouts using weighted basketballs – that’s right, basketballs! – and resistance training to help “players” get in the best shape of their lives. Lawrence and Monya also offer functional fitness programs for youth, including core training, speed and agility drills, plyometric and strength training, balance, and proper stretching techniques.   
Now to financial fitness, a sensitive subject that most of us don’t like discussing and take great pains to avoid at our expense. Before Ohio State and the riches of the NBA, Lawrence grew up in abject poverty on welfare for 18 years in a single-parent home in the Sullivant Gardens Housing Projects on the city’s Westside. To this day, he carries a food stamp in his pocket as a constant reminder of what poverty felt like and how it transformed his life going forward. Monya, a native of Chillicothe, grew up in a blue-collar, middle class environment with two working parents. A decade to complete, the Funderburke’s have created and mastered an empowerment system – Mr. Fundy’s Financial Life Skills Playbook– that emboldens participants across the age and economic spectrum to take control of their personal, professional, entrepreneurial, and financial destiny. Custom apps and interactive games provide “players” with the skills and tools to master cash flow management, credit and debt management, wealth accumulation, asset protection (tangible and intangible), and wealth distribution. A life coach and certified financial planner (CFP), Lawrence has made it his mission to bridge the current (and expanding) wealth gap in America, starting here in Central Ohio first.



Our Mission

To empower clients and participants to make physical fitness and financial well-being a daily lifestyle that produces dividends in the lives of future generations who follow the same playbook.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

  • We place a premium on creating an environment that is conducive to helping clients and participants achieve their health and wealth goals
  • We provide an intimate, non-judgmental venue in which clients can flourish while  pursuing their fitness goals
  • We offer an accommodating, first-class experience that every client and participant deserves, regardless of their economic standing or life situation
  • We don’t advocate any lifestyle suggestion to others that we don’t live by and practice ourselves
  • We stand alongside clients and participants as they set forth and complete their journey of divine health and financial freedom