Sensory Saturdays

Sensory Saturdays
Sensory Saturdays

Muscle Group:

core strengthening, balance, agility


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This workout program is close to our heart for a variety of reasons. Our son Eli was diagnosed with sensory integration disorder (SID) when he was five years old. He struggled at sports while trying his best to follow in my footsteps. Ashamed and devastated by the diagnosis, we went on a full-court press to save our son naturally and holistically after he told us, “My bones won’t allow me to do things right.”  Our investment paid off. We modified his diet (gluten and dairy free), added a nutritional supplement regimen, enrolled him in Brain Balance, and created an athletic and core-strengthening routine to address his disdain for sports. He improved dramatically. Sensory Saturdays offers children seven and older with SID the opportunity to stabilize their core and build athletic skills.


Sensory Saturdays is not currently on the schedule. If you are interested in this fitness program, please contact us.

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