Spartacus 360˚

Spartacus 360˚
Spartacus 360˚

Muscle Group:

Full Body





Burn FAT faster than ever! STOP wasting your gym time and lose fat and inches for good.

Spartacus 360˚ encompasses both cardiovascular and strength training techniques – any equipment is fair game and participants should be prepared to sweat, lift, and work hard! These short, intense workouts will challenge your heart and lungs as well as your muscles.

Spartacus 360˚ provides rapid gains in fitness and strength, increased fat burning and muscle building, and the many benefits of an increased resting metabolic rate. This high-intensity workout is designed to torch fat, define your legs, chest, back, arms, shoulders, hips, and core – and send your fitness level soaring. You'll sculpt a lean, athletic-looking body – and get in the best shape of your life.

This 45 minute workout consists of 10 exercises that collectively work every inch of your body.  Each exercise is performed for 60 seconds at different tempo and range, followed by a short recovery after each block of work – 3 complete rounds – burning on average 596 to 866 calories!

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is one of the most effective ways to blast calories and burn fat in a short amount of time. These workouts are intense, but Monya’s energy, encouragement, and modification options will get you through it.



  • Burn more calories in less time
  • Increases metabolic resting rate
  • Burn fat instead of muscle
  • Increases aerobic capacity faster than endurance training
  • Produces the Afterburn Effect
  • Never gets boring!


*A scheduled Body Sculpt class may be substituted with Spartacus 360˚ at instructors discretion – Be Forewarned!


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